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Purl & Loop is a provider of quick gratification and contemporary needlecraft kits with a focus on embroidery, knit & crochet and needle felting.  Our Purl & Loop grab and go kits are created with all of the high quality components needed to complete the project in a matter of  hours without requiring you to hunt for any supplies.  All of the kits and supplies we offer are geared toward the time pressed individual who wants to spend more time creating and less time searching for all of a project’s components.

Our studio is located at 2315 Commerce St., Ste #20, Houston, TX 77002.  We can see customers by appointment Monday - Thursday from 11am - 5pm. We can be reached via email at info@purlandloop.com or by phone 713-545-2450 (Angela).


Stash Blaster™ Placemat Weaving Loom

This Stash Blaster™ placemat size weaving loom measures 18" x 13" with a project siz...

Details $5.00

Stash Blaster™ Mini (Coaster Size) Weaving Loom

This Stash Blaster™ mini weaving loom measures 5 1/2" x 6 1/2" and yields a finished...

Details $10.00

From News & Inspiration...


Little Baby Nesting Owls

Just wanted to share this photo of these tiny little nesting owls.  They were inspired after a conversation with the owner of Nesting in the Heights LLC.  These little guys are just miniature variations of the owls from our kits.  The "nest" is a variation of our needle felted bowl kits.

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The Sassy Acorn Custom Made Wool Bowl

This 100% wool (8.5 ounces) bowl is approximately 5" wide and 2 1/2" deep. We hand needle felted this precious creation in about 8-10 hours. We then hand sewed a Purl & Loop tag to the bottom. Is anyone interested in a custom made bowl like this for $165 (includes $15 for shipping) of $150 if you pick it up at our studio? We have the wool to make 2, possibly 3,...

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Needle Felted Bowl Class

These precious wool treasures are fun and simple to make.  We would love to show you...

Details $60.00

Washcloth Knit Kit - Straight Needles

Our washcloths are quick to make and easy to do while watching TV. We like to use ou...

Details $30.00

Needle Felted Bowl Kits

Our needle felted bowl kits contain everything you need to complete this 100% wool b...

Details $24.00

Needle Felted Pincushion Kits

Purl & Loop needle felted pincushion kits contain all of the supplies needed to...

Details $22.00

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